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Two October surprises could boost oil prices above $50

August 22, 2017|

  • Oil prices will remain stuck around $50 a barrel unless the market gets an “October surprise,” one analyst says.
  • Venezuela’s state oil giant is barreling toward a

The geopolitical crisis with the most potential impact to your money right now isn’t North Korea…

August 19, 2017|

. .. . or China.  It’s Venezuela.

With the state oil company’s coffers raided for years, and not enough investment or expertise to keep up oil production, the

Oil is Up 2% – Here’s Where It’ll Be by September

August 18, 2017|

Despite pundits spreading doom and gloom, oil prices just jumped 2%.

That’s a good reminder why you shouldn’t believe the short artists who make money whenever you believe crude

The charts are pointing to a comeback for crude: Trader

July 26, 2017|

The crude comeback is far from over, according to Todd Gordon of

WTI crude oil jumped to a seven-week high on Tuesday

Where Oil Prices Will Be By September – and Why the “Distortionists” Won’t Be Able to Stop It

July 11, 2017|

Looking back, I had a rather brief childhood. I suppose that results from starting my first college degree (in theoretical physics) at 13.

But I had several loves

Make No Mistake: The Banks Are Manipulating Oil Prices Right Now

May 25, 2017|

The oil sector is buzzing with rumors at the moment, and, as usual, the financial news channels have absolutely no idea how to handle it.

One day, they’ll

Why Oil Prices Could Spike Sooner Than You’d Think

April 29, 2017|

Turning on the TV, you’re likely to see lots of “analysis” about where oil will head today, tomorrow, maybe this month.

But for longer-term investments, what’s more important

Goldman: Oil Sell-Off Is Good Chance to Buy the Dip

April 21, 2017|

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. says there’s no fundamental evidence in the oil market to justify this week’s selloff in prices.

The bank finds the pace of declines in

Oil rises towards $56 on Libyan field shutdown, Syria

April 10, 2017|

Reuters – by Sergei Karpukhin
A worker stands next to a pump jack at an oil field Sergeyevskoye owned by Bashneft company north from Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia.

Oil rose towards

Canadian Oil Disruption, OPEC Cuts Open Door for Mexico

April 5, 2017|

Bloomberg – by Robert Tuttle

Canadian crude shipments to the U.S. are poised to shrink just as the effects of OPEC-led