Oil & Gas Asset Acquisitions

Through our extensive network of oil & gas industry professionals in the U.S., we are positioned to look at and acquire prime oil & gas properties before they are put on the market for sale. We see a high volume of these properties on a monthly basis, many of which
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Asset Management

Our management team handles and oversees every aspect of the day to day operation of the oil & gas properties that we acquire. The team has over one hundred years of experience in the oil & gas industry, covering every aspect of it from acquiring a lease or
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Asset Development

Two things will increase the asset value of an oil & gas property. One is rising oil prices and the other is developing the property. The key to increasing the property or asset value is to develop the property and increase its oil & gas production. The production can
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The 2017 Oil Market is Full of

The 2017 Oil & Gas market presents challenges and opportunities.  The challenges are centered around the depressed oil prices and the cost of production.  Companies with a high cost of production are in a lot of pain, particularly those where the cost to lift a barrel of oil out of the ground is over $50.  As a result of low oil prices, there are currently abundant opportunities for acquiring prime oil & gas properties (assets) with a solid history of oil production and proven underground oil reserves, which is like having money in the bank.  They can be picked up at bargain prices due to depressed oil prices.  That is what the smart money started doing in 2015 and is continuing to do in 2017.

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We find bargain priced prime oil & gas properties and acquire them.

Here’s How It Works.

The Property

Bargain priced
prime oil & gas
property (asset)
Proven large
oil reserves
Producing oil
oil wells
Cash flow from
producing oil

The Acquisition & Sale of the Property

We Purchase the
oil & gas property
Our Team manages
and develops the
We increase Production
of reworked producing
& non-producing wells.
The oil market
rebounds and the
asset value up.
We Sell the asset
at a Nice Profit.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy is to be in a solid position in the oil market and fully capitalize on the coming upturn in it.

* WTI $26.19 per barrel on Feb 11, 2016

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Two October surprises could boost oil prices above $50

August 22, 2017

Oil prices will remain stuck around $50 a barrel unless the market gets an "October surprise," one analyst says. Venezuela's

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The geopolitical crisis with the most potential impact to your money right now isn’t North Korea…

August 19, 2017

. .. . or China.  It's Venezuela. With the state oil company's coffers raided for years, and not enough investment

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Oil is Up 2% – Here’s Where It’ll Be by September

August 18, 2017

Despite pundits spreading doom and gloom, oil prices just jumped 2%. That's a good reminder why you shouldn't believe the

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The charts are pointing to a comeback for crude: Trader

July 26, 2017

The crude comeback is far from over, according to Todd Gordon of TradingAnalysis.com. WTI crude oil jumped to a seven-week high

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Building Wealth in a Down Oil Market

The Problem

Low oil prices

The Challenge

Cost of production

The Opportunity

Acquisition of prime oil & gas properties (assets) at bargain prices.

The Overall Strategy

Acquire oil & gas assets with existing production, proven underground reserves, positive cash flow, and development potential as oil prices recover.

The Return on Investment

The acquired assets will have revenue from existing oil production. The oil production will be increased in Phase I by reworking existing producing wells, as well as reworking and putting into production existing non-producing wells. Then, when the price of oil recovers to the point where drilling new wells is highly profitable, the assets could be further developed by adding new wells in Phase II. The production value and the asset value will increase in direct proportion to rising oil prices. Our goal is to double the initial production. If the price of oil was to double and we doubled the initial oil production, the value of an acquired asset would increase accordingly and the production revenue could increase by as much as a factor of four.

The Exit Strategy

Sell the assets at a profit when the price of oil recovers and exceeds $70 per barrel for a six month period of time or longer. This could happen as early as after Phase I and before entering Phase II. However, our overall strategy covers 5 years up to 2022 and the timing of selling an asset could come any time after year 1.

Bargain Hunting in the Battered Oil Patch

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